International Symposium on Platial Information Science

PLATIAL’23 took place in Dortmund, Germany, 19–21 September 2023.

Established in 2018 as the first event of its kind, PLATIAL’X is a biannual symposium offering experts and interested researchers a forum to discuss interactively the most recent developments in the field of place-based (i.e. platial) information. The symposium is not geographically fixed and is held in different locations each year.

The symposium invites researchers to discuss a broad range of aspects of platial information:

  • Platial theory: theories, place representations, place ontologies, platial data models
  • Platial analytics: processing platial information, place-based statistics, platial algorithms
  • Empirical aspects: making sense of places, user-generated data, learning about place
  • Visualising place: platial cartography, scales and generalisation, platial visual analytics
  • Interdisciplinary links: relating GIScience, cognition, geography, and other platial fields

Proceedings of PLATIAL’X events are usually published with Zenodo (Open Access, funded by the European Commission). All papers are assigned DOIs. Check out our past proceedings.